Efforts is directly proportional to the results  

Even a man with a golden axe will have to put in efforts to cut down a tree. Nothing will happen till you put in efforts.Analyze how business has evolved in this world.

In ancient times business was started with barter system, where people exchange their good to meet their needs. In some cases according to the geographical area natural resources vary, so people put in efforts to make the natural resource into an usable form and exchanged it for fulfill their needs. Every outcome is dependent on the amount of efforts that we put in.

Nowadays, When money value came into the business scenario everyone ran towards money, because to buy someone’s effort they need to pay money. If he or she is putting their own efforts they need not to pay. So when you put in your own efforts you will not pay for it. We give out dress to the dry cleaners instead of washing by ourselves this incurs a cost, we pay for it. We didn’t put in efforts so we need to spend money. When you put in efforts to help someone in getting their works done, you reap money. This is the current format of business. 
When you put in efforts to study hard and make yourself talented companies hire you to utilize your talents and pay you in return for using your potential. Is this is the way to attain success? No not at all. Consistency plays a major role. Only continuous efforts are recognized by people around the globe. 
Just think, a painter might be successful by giving a single master piece.In reality, the painter has trained himself and put in lots and lots of effort to make him a master to deliver the master piece. 
Continuous efforts will lead you to be successful all through the life. 
“Efforts is directly proportional to success”