Centuries after centuries we are still searching for some new things, we try to explore what is available on earth. Humans are in search of information, that is the everyday need. Even a child at its initial stages of school is fed with A,B,C,D .. and so on. Why? Is this because of humans are intended to become a library. No not like that.
Information is the need of every human, business runs successfully when it have sufficient information about the customer need, behavior and economic level. So to run your life we need information. Information gathering helps everyone in making their life successful. Let’s see an example how Indian women gained a simple information to rock the world.
You might have heard about Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi Co is ranked Number 1 powerful business women of the year 2010 by Fortune Magazine. She was also ranked Number 6 in most powerful women of the world in 2010 by Forbes Magazine. Her management capacity led Pepsi to reach the world with stupendous brand name with huge amount of profit. Even though she done such great achievements, she had problems initially when she entered USA.
The problem is, she was not able to mingle with their colleagues in a friendly way (In USA). Because whenever they speak together, they speak about Baseball game. Indra nooyi was not able to interact with their colleagues when they are in a break or at lunch time. This also indirectly hampered her decision that she took. She was not able to move with them freely, this made her to take a new decision.
Indra nooyi then started to learn about Baseball, also she went to all the baseball matches held her place. This made her more comfortable while she interacts with their colleague and also it helped in better understanding of her fellow people. This led her to take up the company to a higher position.
From this I would like to say,
Information can be small or massive like a mountain, but it’s worthy when you know it.
Information helps all kind of people. Public speakers need to update themselves in order to give out different ideas in each and every speech then only people will listen to him. In order to keep your business high you need information, gather information enjoy life.
Hope this information will help you!!
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