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What is your career plan and goals?

As a interviewee you are taking up interview to make a career. After around 16+ yrs of study everyone search for a job, this is where a career starts. What kind of Job interests a student? What is the job he wants to do for the rest of the life? are the questions which decides a student career. A career changes the student into a professional, a question regarding a career plan or goal decides how well a student is matured and focussed enough to take up a career. As a fresher your career goal is very simple and crisp. You need to know to frame it in the right sense.

All these questions given below relates to your career plan and career goal
1) What is your short term and long term goal?
2) What is your career plan?
3) Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
4) What is your career goal?

Yet some other questions which relates to the future falls into this category.

To answer these questions one should be more focussed and clear on the short term and long term objective.

The answer can be like, as a fresher you will not have an entry to climb in the career ladder. So, the short term objective is getting into a Job in a prospective company.  Convey to the HR the objective in a positive way.
Example:- My shortest term aim is get into a job which suits my interest.
In case of long term aim, if you are not given a specific period, you can tell them ” My aim is to become a CEO of the company”, else to reach the highest level in the company. If you are restricted to 5 years of period you can say ” I would like to become a project manager”, If its around 2 years convey him that you will be a Team lead.
Note:- Don’t say your long term aim to start a company. This will not give a good impression in all the interview. Mostly try to avoid it, because you are apply for a company to work not to learn and start a company of your own.
Be positive in all the answers, don’t give to answer in such a way it will lead to more questions.
All the best.

Earth Hour – March 26th, 2011

Earth Hour on March 26th, 2011 in between 8.30pm and 9.30pm is talk of the world now. It’s not a cause to ponder upon, it’s the need of the future. We need to be in an hour of darkness to enlighten the future. Essence of earth hour is to reduce CO2 emission, conservation of energy, spreading the words of renewable energy and many. It’s a all about energy now we need synergy to accomplish the mission.


Join the league - Earth Hour 2011

Energy the need of the day, when we switch off the light for an hour we are not going to die, its today’s loss for tomorrows gain.

What we have to do on the day??

On March 26th, 2011 from 8.30pm to 9.30pm switch off the lights (equipments, machines, electronic devices which consumes electricity). You need to sacrifice an hour spending your night in candle light. If you have any other idea like spending the hour in a different way intimate this to people who co-ordinate the earth hour.

Apart from participating in the event we can conserve energy in daily routine life, I remember some points read in an article before two years.

1) Switch off all the appliances when it’s not in use.

2) Keep you AC in 24 degree Celsius which is the optimum mode. Put it in sleep during night times.

3) Always buy appliances which has 5 start energy rating.

Energy Rating

4) If you work in the next street don’t take your car or bike. Have a brisk walk which energizes you and conserves energy.

5) Use CFL bulbs instead of normal luminescent bulbs.


CFL Bulbs

6) Plant trees and maintain indoors plants to reduce the CO2 level in your workplace or at home.

7) This one is the last but not the least ” Spread the word about Earth hour with the ways to conserve energy to everyone you meet”

Please check this article for more details on Energy Conservation

What we lost, when we wake up today??

Centuries after centuries, decades after decades, year after years, months after months, days after days we lose something in our life.  What have we lost a lot of things through out the time. We will take a comparative analysis of the early morning time.

When we look into the olden days, the natural sunshine smear on our body, birds and nature makes a music to give a tap into your ears to make you awake from the deep sleep. The dawn makes you more comfortable with the brisk air and clean water. We walk to the banks of some river, pond or lake to take a natural bath. Before taking a bath, we brush our teeth with Neem twig. All these happens in the early morning and make us so energetic in the morning. There is a little bit of physical work involved in all the activities we do.

Neem Twig for Sale

Nowadays, in the modern world, our gadgets wakes up with its Ring tones in the morning. We put it in the snooze mode or turn off the alarm to extend our sleep. We simply move to our bathroom and latrine to finish off the work. Our physical work extends till the next room.

We take a tooth brush with tooth paste on it to complete our brushing, where we lose the neem twigs unique medicinal property. We take a bath and rush to our office in a bike or car.

All the physical work we did in the early days went into the air. Seems little, but  we gained weight,become stout, obese, lazy and etc etc by not following tradition. Modernization made us lazy by easy access to all. Technology has reduce our efforts. Think wise and act smart. 🙂

Note:- Neem twigs are still in use in Rural areas of India for Brushing. 🙂

How to give handshake in an Interview.

You might think, whether this blogger is crap or what? Don’t I know how to give a handshake in Interview? If you are thinking like this. You must read further.In an interview process HR even evaluates the person with the type of handshake he gives to him.
If you refer any psychology books you will find out the different types of Handshake and the interpretations for it. When ever meet a person we do handshake to show our trust, likeness and friendship. Even its given whenever we meet a new person. This creates amicable environment. So, handshake should be taken seriously into consideration.

Lets see the types of handshake. In general,

When it comes to business or in an interview, we look into these major types. There are many other secret handshake types.

Look into the picture clearly. HR expects you to give the third type of handshake.

When you enter into the interview hall, look at the HR and give a bright smile. Take out your hand with confidence and give a professional handshake. Before giving the handshake ensure that you wipe of the sweat. If you have sweat that shows that you are nervous.

While giving the handshake keep your hand stiff and steady. Shook the HR hands twice with grip. Don’t give a bone cracking handshake too.

If your hand is not stiff and steady that also gives an impression that you are not confident.

Small things matters a lot in the interview. Take care in each and every move. Victory is yours!!

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Learning’s as a HR executive in a mid-size company

I entered into a mid size IT company before 5 months and 28 days, two more day to go to complete my probation period in that company. Waiting to know about my performance in the view of the management. As an HR executive of a mid size company gave me diversified experience. I substantiate this with some of the value that added to myself in the short run.

Those values helped in grooming myself to become a good public speaker, people analyzer, decision maker, got an ability to tackle any adverse situation.


Proud to be an employee of a Mid size company


Learning No 1:-

When it comes to an IT company the attrition rate is usually high,  managing the human resource in a small set makes a big difference when compared with big players. When you have 50000 + employees in your companies if 10 – 20 people leave the company in a month it’s not a huge loss to the knowledge pool that the company had, but when your  company size is around 100+ if you lose 2 employee a month its a heavy loss to the company. Immediate replacement of the resources reduces the pressure on the HR. Else pressure mounts on the HR as well as the existing resources. As the work load increases the resources existing will also feel the pressure which eventually leads to more attrition.  When you work as an HR in mid size company with 100+ employee you need to be very careful and also you need to be more associated with the employees. By doing this you can have an idea about, What an employee is thinking?

Take care of your employees individually, speak to them and understand them is first lesson I learned.

Learning No 2:-

When you associate with them and getting closer to them there are chances where you will convey the companies views and ideas. Since it’s a small group you need to take care while uttering a word. Certain secrets will come out which you are not supposed to reveal as an HR of the company.

Choose your words before you speak.

Learning No 3:-

When it is a mid size company with 100+ employees management tries to reduce the cost. As an HR of a small company its your duty to find a talented resource with lower cost.

Negotiate to attain a Win-Win situation.

Learning No 4:-

You will get diversified knowledge on the job profile that you are working with. You involve yourself in lot of activities like recruitment, induction, orientation and selection.

Learning No 5:-

You need to put in lots of efforts because you will be  identified easily if you are not working.

In General : –

What is the problem with the big corporates when you start with them. Even though you earn a lot of money the scope for learning, participation and networking is reduced. You will get a job for which lot of your colleagues will also be working. To get a diversified knowledge it takes around 5 – 8 years of time.

One my friend is working with the top-notch company for the past one year, but she is only into recruitment. She doesn’t have any other work.  She says ” I will have to work on Sundays too”. Top corporates are more process oriented which hampers an employee ideas and creativity. Its makes an employee as HUMAN ROBOTS.

With six months of experience I take interview assess candidates do joining formalities for the selected candidates.  I earn less but learn a lot with joy.

Don’t look for the brand name and money, look out for the learning and career growth.

What is your weakness?

A direct hit on the head!!
What is your weakness? This is a negative question which has to be answered positively.I know many of experts might have given you tips to answer this question. Look into the question first, its framed to convey the weakness in you.
To answer this question you have to analyze yourself before giving out the answer.
Every word you utter from your mouth matters a lot for this question.
I will give you my ideas to tackle this question taking myself as an example.
Even though I work as a HR in an IT company, before entering into the company I have taken 6 interviews. This question was posted to me in two interviews. So you can expect this question in all the interview as a Fresher.
 When they asked me, ” What is your weakness? I replied them with the idea that I got by reading articles on the blogs and websites.

The answer I gave out is ” I am short tempered, I want the work to be completed in the time and I expect the same from other people, I get involved totally with the job I don’t take care about my family. The HR said this sound too good but this is the usual reply I get from candidates. This in turn reflected in my selection. I was not shortlisted in the company.
I started to find out the answer for this question, after a week of hard work I found the answer lies in my resume. I had a consistence increase in my marks from my schooling to post graduation. When I was studying 10th Standard I scored 74% and it went on increasing and ended up in 89% while I completed my graduation. It was a continuous improvement.
In the next interview when they questioned me I replied them ” I am poor in studying, so I found that weakness and started to work on it. It has been reflected in my resume, where in my 10th standard I have scored only 74% and with the continuous effort I an able to reach 89% . Now I have corrected this one. When ever I find a weakness in me, I take this as an opportunity to make it as my strength.”
As the expert says, You need to convey a weakness which you had overcome and also quote it with the a valid example. Don’t say you don’t a weakness at all. Every human being on earth have a weakness.
You need to say a weakness which will not affect your job.
For example, when you are attending a interview to work in Voice process you are not supposed to say your weakness as not mingling with people, not talkative, have to improve my communication etc.
To quote another example, when you attend a marketing interview you cannot say ” I don’t have many friends, I am patience, I am not so aggressive etc.
1) Give out a bright smile when this question is asked.
2) Don’t shy out when this question asked.
3) Stay positive in all the words that you speak.
4) Be confident with the answer that you have given out.
5) Always quote an example.
Answer this question with a weakness that you have already overcome and validate it with an example. 

All the best for your interview!! 
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What are your strengths?

Questions asked in Interviews are simple, only we feel it harder to answer. Another promising question to be answered is, “What are your strengths?”. All the questions posted in the final HR round is to analyze the candidates attitude. This question helps the HR to understand the candidate better than other questions. As a candidate for the interview process you should answer this crisply and convincingly. I will give out some tips to put the answer right, here its as follows,

  1. You need to frame the right sentence and deliver the correct meaning.
  2. Don’t get confused with the words “strengths” and “skills”
  3. Give out simple and crisp answers.
  4. Don’t answer in such a way which will lead you to another question.
  5. Do self preparation before the interview.
  6. Communicate with confidence.


For a fresher, your strength has give out the positive attitude and learning spirit in you. Give out how your character helped out in getting things done and accomplished. Restrict your answers to a minute or so. Try to quote examples which will support your strength. Validate your answers.

Example answer: I am a quick learner. Love to read a lot.
                          I love to do challenging jobs.
                          I am creative and innovative. Where I try to find alternatives soon.
                          I am very much organized and punctual.
                          Give out immediate solutions to problem.

These are examples, try to interpret your personality traits and come out with your strengths.

For experienced candidates, answers have be more elaborate. Give out your experience, add skills to your strength. Put your answers in such a way how your strength benefited your organization. Down the lane, come out with your character strengths.

Example: Dedicated to the work.
               Deliver results on time.
               A team player also an individual performer.
               Ability to handle pressure.
Relate your past work experience when you answer this question.

Wait for the next post ” What is your weakness?”.
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Efforts and effects

Efforts is directly proportional to the results  

Even a man with a golden axe will have to put in efforts to cut down a tree. Nothing will happen till you put in efforts.Analyze how business has evolved in this world.

In ancient times business was started with barter system, where people exchange their good to meet their needs. In some cases according to the geographical area natural resources vary, so people put in efforts to make the natural resource into an usable form and exchanged it for fulfill their needs. Every outcome is dependent on the amount of efforts that we put in.

Nowadays, When money value came into the business scenario everyone ran towards money, because to buy someone’s effort they need to pay money. If he or she is putting their own efforts they need not to pay. So when you put in your own efforts you will not pay for it. We give out dress to the dry cleaners instead of washing by ourselves this incurs a cost, we pay for it. We didn’t put in efforts so we need to spend money. When you put in efforts to help someone in getting their works done, you reap money. This is the current format of business. 
When you put in efforts to study hard and make yourself talented companies hire you to utilize your talents and pay you in return for using your potential. Is this is the way to attain success? No not at all. Consistency plays a major role. Only continuous efforts are recognized by people around the globe. 
Just think, a painter might be successful by giving a single master piece.In reality, the painter has trained himself and put in lots and lots of effort to make him a master to deliver the master piece. 
Continuous efforts will lead you to be successful all through the life. 
“Efforts is directly proportional to success”

Information – Need of the world.

         Centuries after centuries we are still searching for some new things, we try to explore what is available on earth. Humans are in search of information, that is the everyday need. Even a child at its initial stages of school is fed with A,B,C,D .. and so on. Why? Is this because of humans are intended to become a library. No not like that.
Information is the need of every human, business runs successfully when it have sufficient information about the customer need, behavior and economic level. So to run your life we need information. Information gathering helps everyone in making their life successful. Let’s see an example how Indian women gained a simple information to rock the world.
You might have heard about Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsi Co is ranked Number 1 powerful business women of the year 2010 by Fortune Magazine. She was also ranked Number 6 in most powerful women of the world in 2010 by Forbes Magazine. Her management capacity led Pepsi to reach the world with stupendous brand name with huge amount of profit. Even though she done such great achievements, she had problems initially when she entered USA.
The problem is, she was not able to mingle with their colleagues in a friendly way (In USA). Because whenever they speak together, they speak about Baseball game. Indra nooyi was not able to interact with their colleagues when they are in a break or at lunch time. This also indirectly hampered her decision that she took. She was not able to move with them freely, this made her to take a new decision.
Indra nooyi then started to learn about Baseball, also she went to all the baseball matches held her place. This made her more comfortable while she interacts with their colleague and also it helped in better understanding of her fellow people. This led her to take up the company to a higher position.
From this I would like to say,
Information can be small or massive like a mountain, but it’s worthy when you know it.
Information helps all kind of people. Public speakers need to update themselves in order to give out different ideas in each and every speech then only people will listen to him. In order to keep your business high you need information, gather information enjoy life.
Hope this information will help you!!
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