When it comes to Chennai, you would not know whether it’s day or night. You will see Chennai always busy and people works 24/7. At least around 30% of the population will be awake during the night to earn money for their daily bread. If guessed Chennai is full of workaholics its wrong. They do enjoy their life is filled with enjoyment only on weekends. All these are strictly restricted to working people in Chennai.

I am working with an IT company as HR executive. Since I am in probation period I want to be more punctual and disciplined. I would bring in a picture of what I do in Chennai in a day.

Chennai Central Railway Station

Its 5.30am, my cellphone slightly wakes up to wake me up. At this time my brain identifies some thing is fishy around and moves my hands on to the turn off button. Yes, I don’t want to get up by that time. Then again by 6 am my cellphone cries and say ” Hey, Bala it’s 6 am, wake up” , but my brain says ” We have half an hour more to sleep”. It presses the turnoff button again. Now it’s 6.30am, my cellphone says ” Wake up, else I will kick you” and my sub conscious mind says ” Its time Bala, wake up and brush your teeth”. I do the same with sleep in my eyes still.

I have to rush to bath room if I miss the timing I will get knocked out of the tournament. My friend will say ” I have to start, be fast”. After taking bath, I will press my dress to show I am a professional !! 😛 . Now the time is 7.30am. On an average I have to leave my room in between 7.30 and 7.50am, else I will miss the train. I need to check whether I have taken my wallet, ID card, Hand key, mobile phone and a pen. If the verification is over. Yes I can walk to the railway station to catch the train by 8am. If I miss the train I will have to wait for another 10 minutes.

I takes around 15 minutes to reach the railway station, I will wake as fast as I can, because its the only physical work out I do for the entire day. Its 8 am now, I am into the train, now it takes exactly 10 minutes to reach Nungambakkam from Guindy. You will be pressed inside the train on a busy day, where your hardly  pressed shirt will get wrinkles, even you will get wrinkles on your face. This is how my 10 minutes journey would be. I am in Nungambakkam now, I have to catch a bus to Anna nagar roundana stop, you can reach there by bus or a share auto. I choose a bus which is cheaper and also easy to commute. Whereas if I take a share auto, he will stop inch after an inch which makes you to think will I reach the office or not. It takes another 10 minutes to reach Anna nagar roundana.

From Anna nagar roundana, I will walk to my office. It takes another 15 minutes. If you calculate the time, it takes around 1 hour to reach my office in between I will eat and have a good look on the surroundings. You can listen to music which reduces all the pressure and eases you, so that only you can find many of them in Chennai will hang out headset or girl friends :D.

Happily I reached my office. I log into the system enter the attendance and do 8 hours of job. Log off the system and completely have to follow the same route to turn back to my home. Since, its night time  traffic will be more. It takes 1.30 hours to reach my room. At last I will be there in my room at 8.30pm.

This is my routine life in Chennai. Life is to enjoy, so enjoy all the activities you do, else you will get bored. Repeating the work assigned to you is the mantra of all the companies, if you get diverted from it. You are fired or you are moving on the career ladder!! 🙂