This question is posted from many HR’s while they interview you.
If you are expecting the same you are well prepared for the interview. Preparing for the question itself make you succeed in the interview.

Yes I can deliver my best

This question analyzes your confidence if you are a fresher and explores the intelligence of a experienced candidate.

Question is open ended, so there are many silly replies come out from the interviewee, when its posted.
It confuses the interviewee too, because since we HR want to recruit a candidate, he is hiring a person into the company. So some candidate say, “You have an opportunity and I am talented to take up the position”. That’s a simple answer and how well can it be said to make an impression that you are talented.

When you answer the question you have to say

1) How well you are suitable for the position.
2) What kind of talent you have to get the work done.
3) Convey your experience related to the job profile.
4) How you can out number the competing candidates.
5) How will work as an individual and in a group.
6) Awards, achievements and accomplishments in the past company and the college you are passing out from.

Put all these crisp in short around 2 -3 minutes.
These few words will certainly work out..
Preparing yourself before an interview will help you out for sure. You can get hired if you are smart with your answers.

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