A dream like ancient games

Today its a nightmare for me. I had around four different dreams, out of the four different dreams I forgot three. I remember the last dream I had, even I wonder whether I had four dreams.

I remember, the first dream is like I was there in an excursion and I got down some place where I find two trees about 8 feet apart. I stood at the middle and had a snap. After this dream I remember I had two other dreams but I forgot those when I woke up by 7 am IST.

The fourth dream is completely amazing and really loved it because I remember it exactly.

I was moving into a room, it was like an aquarium, I am with my colleague at that time. My colleague somehow parted away from me. I was roaming here and there in the aquarium. I saw many people moving around me. At last I ended in some place where women were not allowed. I thought it’s a restroom for men.

But it is a different scenario there, In front of me, I saw a giant door which of ancient type, you might have seen in the movie Troy. I didn’t know what I have to do at first, when the door open I started running, at that moment only I came to know I am in a competition.  At first we had an obstacle to cross. It a full stretch of wall I need to cross it, beyond the wall I spotted out a pit which is like a ditch. I had plank to cross the ditch, I am the first one to cross. I spotted out another person at my side competing with me heavily. He crossed through the other plank which on my  left side.

First level was over, I spotted out the next the level of obstacle had a boulder and stones staked together at certain spots. I have jump from on heap to the next heap without falling into the pit. I saw on my left side it was very difficult to cross since the distance between on heap of stones and another was too far. On the right it is an upward slope which will take me directly to the other side easily. I took that path and climbed on that slope, unfortunately it joined me back to the left side. The man who was coming along with me moved forward I was at his back. He went on to the next level, then I saw him climbing a ladder. Even I had a ladder to climb, but I used my height and jump to grab the top. I reached the top, it a direct downward slope from there. It is made of wood where you cannot slide down, you need to walk carefully. Before me, my competitor went down to the next obstacle. He was just gazing at the next obstacle. When I went and saw it, even I am wondered. Because I am on the edge of a building I am supposed to get down to the floor with the help of a pole inserted on a box like structure. If the pole breaks I may fall on to a steel rod which will break my bones. With all the strength and courage I grabbed the pole. I just slipped to the floor at last. I won the event.

Time to start to my office!! 😛 . I started again for the competition it seems..

I know there are some silly stuffs and missing clues in this dream, because dream itself an imagination so you cannot expect it to be perfect. Enjoy your dreams, like I enjoyed it.

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