Why we should analyze ourselves??
Does analyzing ourselves will help us in a long run??
Yes of course.

If we are going to buy a new mobile phone, we look into the features of the product. A complete analysis will be done, we analyze the mobile like we were the manufacturers. We study reviews and comments about the product, even enter into the mobile shop and inquire the vendor about the mobile. Like wise we analyze and do many such things in life. Do we analyze ourselves, yes to a certain extend we analyze ourselves in simple things. We personally decide in choosing a dress, shoes, hair clips, pen, pencil etc etc.

Do we analyze ourselves when we choose a career?

No certainly not, we rely on our parents to choose else we rely on the marks we score in the public exams. We don’t analyze ourselves, that is the great mistake we make in our life time.

Not choosing the right path for our life. When we choose a career, rest of our life we are going to spend with it, simply it is like our spouse. Choosing a right career will helps in performing the job better than others. When we like the career most we start doing things automatically, if its on the other way we not going to shine in our career as well as in life.

If you are choosing a career after your higher secondary board exam, its absolutely ridiculous. The right time to find out your interest starts when you come into 6th standard. All the beneficial activities in which you involve much is your interest. If you study a lot rather than playing choose a career in studies, please work on the interest area.

Completely analyze yourself before choosing a career.

1) Check which interests you the most.
2) Check which career sets to your character.

3) Check whether you are fully satisfied with the career that you are going to choose.
4) Check do you have the spirit of working towards your interest and the career you choose.

Before analyzing the career, please analyze yourself!!!! ..