Opportunities is often a used by parents and teachers towards the students/children. Is it restricted to them?? I will also pen down the words about Opportunity. Its an opportunity for me to write its yet another opportunity for you to read. Utilizing this opportunity will lead to a change I guess.

Opportunities knocks the door only once” is a famous quotation, yes its true, but its one opportunity which knocked your door once,  which is also you missed. Yet, you have many other opportunities which is ready to knock. Its up to you to open the door for the right one.

Even if you open the door, its up to you whether you grab it or not. To grab it you need some potential, develop it. The opportunity that you pick up from the crowd demands for certain qualities from you, learn it.  Pick out the opportunity which interest you, find it. Its all up to you to choose what you want and what you want to be.

Opportunities once missed is missed, but you need not to worry for that, you will get another opportunity where you can shine. Look out for the right opportunities and tap it. Work on it to excel in life.

What made me to write an article on opportunity that may be the question from your side, I will explain you.

I had an opportunity to meet Mr.Madhan, a famous cartoonist and film critic. He is a B.Sc (Physics) graduate but his profession is cartooning. I met on the fine evening when TEDxSalem function was over on January 29,2011. I asked him three questions, he replied to those the questions politely.

Whether you started your career in Cartooning

Answer: Yes.

You are also an film critic, did you choose to be?

Answer: No, opportunity came to me, I utilized it.

You also write for Vikatan magazine in the name of “Hai madhan “, how come you manage all these?? Do you take rest??

Answer: I take rest when ever I want, I don’t time limits in case of sleeping. I sleep whenever I want to.

You can see, he utilizes the opportunity what ever interested him. He put hard work to the opportunity given that makes him great. 

So choose the right opportunity, work towards the opportunity and also work harder when the opportunity is turned out fruitful.