When ever I go to a college for giving tips for Interview and Resume. Students inquire me about how to speak in English, How can I improve my English. A doubt arises in my mind , whether my Lecture were understood by them or not?? Also this made me to put down this post. This is how I improved my communication in English. I feel this experience will certainly help some of them out here.

Any language is just a medium of communication you can easily learn it. In case of English, you can learn it simply. The guidelines given below are suitable for students who are eagerly looking to speak out in English.
Following this daily will certainly help you out.

1) Read English newspapers or magazines. Jot down the words which is difficult to understand, find out the meaning using a standard English dictionary.

2) Set your mind to learn English by doing mistakes.

3) There are word power list available on the website. Download the PDF file and start studying that one, which will help you in building vocabulary knowledge.

4) Develop the habit of speaking in English with your friend.

5) Good chance to test your English speaking skills is, while you present your assignment for the semester. Get involved with presentations and other co curricular activities like extempore, debate, and other competition where English speaking is involved. Prepare well in advance and try to make it completely in English.

6) Don’t feel shy to speak in English in front of others.

7) Watch English movies with subtitles and later try to avoid subtitles.

8) Speak in English mixed with your native language, don’t worry about that, during your conversation try to bring in English words that you learned. Later try to speak only in English.

9) Read aloud when you go through a paper or magazine. This will help you in improving your pronunciation.

10) Read ” Word power made easy” book that would help you in understanding the tough words and also it would shape you in pronunciation.

Its all about reading and your mindset. If you have the passion to learn certainly you can speak in English.