Feeling so energetic to start and write on the topic ” Learn and Earn”.

In my view human beings on this earth are of two types once they start earning

1) Running towards money blindly or
2) Some people choose another route where they make money run behind them.

Completely interesting, Right?. Its up to you, whether you want to live like the first statement or the second statement.
Learning starts right from your childhood and it last till our death. When we are born we start to cry and that is our first learning. When we are about to die, we realize and learn how much our family love us. Every minute of a day we learn and life is a journey of learning.

Isn’t it wonderful, we are born to learn and life is full of learning. There are three basic theories in learning, but that doesn’t comes to our discussion. I would like to give you my view about how learning is correlated with earning. Its always well said when we add an example to the article, so the perfect example is

He is one of the top notch cricketer of all time, he is called GOD OF THE CRICKET, the one and only SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR. An icon who never stops learning in his life, when ever he meet a new bowler he learns his style of bowling. When he meet his fans he learns how much he inspires them. When he is into the nets he learns how to tackle the ball. Its all learning and learning. If Sachin has stopped learning when he scored a century its not possible to create wonders which made Shane Warne to call him as “THE LITTLE MASTER”.

Involve yourself in learning and learn, first identify what you are and try to spot out your weakness and
strengths. Work on the strengths and work even more harder on the weakness. Also learn from you friends, because they are always with you all through the life. Take the positives from your friends and pull out the negatives from them do intimate them since they are also in the process of learning. Learn from you surrounding, learn from strangers,animals, microbes etc etc.

When you are learning you ultimately start to earn, here money will follow you.I am sure,if you want earn without learning , literally you are running behind the money as stated above.

Start your earning where money chases you as said in the second statement. Lead a happy life.

If it is full of learning you cannot earn a lot of money , you have to show it to the world what you have and also you have to spread the ideas that you learned in your life. Be a role model like Sachin to everyone. Enjoy life.
At last I would like to finish off with a simple equation,


Its a simple equation for the life, if you learn you automatically earn. The word LEARN has the word EARN in it. Start learning…. 🙂