Tell me about yourself ?  will definitely be the first question for the fresh graduates. This question allows HR’s analyze the candidate in different perspectives. Even the graduates passing out of college knows it, but they don’t give out the answer as HR expects. Tell me about yourself is an open ended question, so HR expects you to answer briefly about you in two or three minutes.

What are assessed the things while you answer is the question. Its

1) Your attitude
2) Your skills
3) Your communication
4) Your confidence
5) How well you are organized
6) Are you clear about your career
7) Your likes and dislikes
8) Your Character and behavior
9) To check whether you are prepared or not for the interview process.
10) Your family background (Not so importantly looked into)

And there are many other such things where a HR analyze, it also depends and varies according to the HR who interviews you.

How to answer this simple question to get the attention and also to increase the probability to getting selected.

Before you attend the interview, you must do some prep, this would help you a lot in making your answer crisp and clear. This would also help you in evaluating your own.

1) Take a paper and write down about yourself point by point.
2) Arrange it in a way which will make a meaning.
3) Do recite this to your friends or to your parents.
4) Do correct your mistakes.

What are things that you have to cover while you answer this question.

1) Your graduation details.Don’t tell the marks and year of passing which is not required. If you have any special achievements please mention it. Example: University gold medalist.

2) Your skill sets which is suitable for the job. Example: For HR job you need more patience, so you can tell like I am patience and friendly in nature.

3) Your extra curricular activities. Deliver extracurricular activities and try relate it to your job. In case if you are a sports person, tell them ” I am a dedicated sports men, I would like to deliver the same in the work”.

4) Your interest’s and likes.

5) What is your expectation from the job.

6) Few lines about your family (Not much important).

7) Always its safe to answer with an example for the answers you deliver.
Example: If you say I am a bookworm, tell him some book names that you read. If you are saying I love to surfing on the net, tell him or her the website which interested you.

Don’t beat around the bush while you answer the question. Also don’t tell any bad opinion about yourself, friends and family. Answering this question gives you enough confidence to answer rest of the interview questions and also builds a good rapport with the interviewer.

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