Wow I really amused of myself writing about TED, TEDx and TEDxSalem. Completely an exciting moment of my life, I never felt so happy as this much. When it come to TED or TEDx, its really “Ideas worth spreading”. I am sharing my experience and also the learning’s what ever I got from TED. Lets begin ..

TED :-

When I was doing my MBA, Systems Professor Mr. Subramanian showed us a video which made everyone to think, and showed us how and where we would be in 2015. A speech by Pranav Mistry is projected on a white board, in that video he explains about sixth sense technology for about 18 minutes. Its no way related to me because I am an Horticulture graduate, but I could able to understand the core value and depth of the project. The presentation given was so simple where even a layman can understand. Seeing that again I started browsing for that video, some how I found the video on Youtube. At last I found that it was made available to everyone through an organization called TED. I searched about TED and found many more videos which is interesting and also informative. This is how I came to know about TED, now comes how I got associated with TED.

TEDx :-

One of my good friend Veeraraghavan who is pursuing his Masters in Power Engineering in US posted a link in Facebook with a TED talk (Sir Ken Robinson with state of the art animation Technology), I posted a comment to the video post. By the comment he came to know that I have interest towards TED. He explained about TEDx events then, and he asked me to attend TEDxYouth@Chennai on November. Its was a wonderful day I was sitting with talented people and also I had a chance to speak with all the speakers. They are really cool, they even answered me the silly questions that I posted. Kudos to the Chennai TEDxYouth team. That’s the beginning of TEDxSalem and it was planned to fast after the TEDxYouth@Chennai event.


TEDxSalem was a dream come true on January 29th, 2011. We organized the function with no plan of action and also we didn’t know how to organize an event, but we gave our best. We learned everything by doing mistake. We formed a team virtually through Facebook, now and then we had conference calls and also meet ups in Salem, probably 2 or 3. I would like to salute Sujatha Sreenivasan, Suganthi Periyasamy and Veeraraghavan Sampath for their tireless efforts for doing all the ground works for the event. Also we have many people who were working together, its an end less list. Please check TEDxSalem website to know about the people who spent their valuable time to make this event a successful one.

Loved the entire event, I went to home just to sleep and bath before the event, was involved to my full extent. TEDxSalem gave me an experience where I cannot get it anywhere. There are many other people who helped us behind the screen, I would like to name Kiruba Shankar who helped us in giving guidance. After the TEDxSalem we met him and got the feedback, he gave us many ideas to make our event better.

When it comes to TEDxSalem its hardwork, teamwork , learning , breaking the barrier and lots of fun. Love it..