A boy was standing at a beach facing the bright sun when it was about to set. A old man who passed him just had a look at that young boy, he found that boy was crying. He inquired the boy, he said I am not happy. The old man asked Why are you not happy?. What ever I do I fail in that, I don’t succeed. Is that the only reason for your lost happinessquestioned again by the old man. He said, hell a lot of things are there, why should I tell you all those stuffs.

Old man looked into the boy’s eye and told, happiness lies within you. It was a shock then for the kid, he asked how come? I am not happy still. In reply to the question old man gave a simple formula to the boy,

He then explained the boy, life is full of happiness when you have adjustments and limitations. Happiness is directly proportional to Adjustments and inversely proportional to Limitations. When you feel someone is poking you and they are not allowing you to take decisions of your own. Please adjust at that moment and have a fine smile on your face, when you can adjust to certain adverse situations and tackle the problem you can easily ward off the worries and you will be happy.In case of limitations, have some limitations in the work you do, don’t exceed the limits. If you exceed the limits that would make the surroundings unhappy and which eventually take away your happiness. For example, if your boss is giving you a work, complete the work with the limitation. If you exceed the limits your boss will not be happy. He will come directly to your cabin and will show his real face to turn your face to blue or red. So please have limitations in your life.

Boy listened the old man patiently and he put a few questions to him. If I have adjustments and limitations in my life that will not give me happiness it seems. If I adjust in all the circumstances people will rule me and they will not take me even as a person. If I don’t react to the situation which really is bad for me and also for the society, it affect my happiness and also the surroundings.

Also in case of limitations, if I have too much of limitations my friends will not be happy. For example, If I am having a bike and I don’t let my friends to touch my friends that creates a bad impression on me and also creates a barrier in sharing the information. What do you say for this my dear old man?

Old man isn’t confused with question because he had the answer already. He now revealed the final solution to that boy. I told you this solution to make you to think of the life and happiness, but the solution I had my mind is as follows,

Happiness = Limited adjustments/ Adjusted limitations

I have answered you question my boy, if you have limited adjustments with adjusted limitations I make you and your surrounding happy. The secret of happiness lies within you. If you feel, you are happy “You are the happiest person on earth” its completely in your hands my dear boy. Boy understood it and adopted the guidelines given by the old man.