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A day in Chennai to survive…

When it comes to Chennai, you would not know whether it’s day or night. You will see Chennai always busy and people works 24/7. At least around 30% of the population will be awake during the night to earn money for their daily bread. If guessed Chennai is full of workaholics its wrong. They do enjoy their life is filled with enjoyment only on weekends. All these are strictly restricted to working people in Chennai.

I am working with an IT company as HR executive. Since I am in probation period I want to be more punctual and disciplined. I would bring in a picture of what I do in Chennai in a day.

Chennai Central Railway Station

Its 5.30am, my cellphone slightly wakes up to wake me up. At this time my brain identifies some thing is fishy around and moves my hands on to the turn off button. Yes, I don’t want to get up by that time. Then again by 6 am my cellphone cries and say ” Hey, Bala it’s 6 am, wake up” , but my brain says ” We have half an hour more to sleep”. It presses the turnoff button again. Now it’s 6.30am, my cellphone says ” Wake up, else I will kick you” and my sub conscious mind says ” Its time Bala, wake up and brush your teeth”. I do the same with sleep in my eyes still.

I have to rush to bath room if I miss the timing I will get knocked out of the tournament. My friend will say ” I have to start, be fast”. After taking bath, I will press my dress to show I am a professional !! 😛 . Now the time is 7.30am. On an average I have to leave my room in between 7.30 and 7.50am, else I will miss the train. I need to check whether I have taken my wallet, ID card, Hand key, mobile phone and a pen. If the verification is over. Yes I can walk to the railway station to catch the train by 8am. If I miss the train I will have to wait for another 10 minutes.

I takes around 15 minutes to reach the railway station, I will wake as fast as I can, because its the only physical work out I do for the entire day. Its 8 am now, I am into the train, now it takes exactly 10 minutes to reach Nungambakkam from Guindy. You will be pressed inside the train on a busy day, where your hardly  pressed shirt will get wrinkles, even you will get wrinkles on your face. This is how my 10 minutes journey would be. I am in Nungambakkam now, I have to catch a bus to Anna nagar roundana stop, you can reach there by bus or a share auto. I choose a bus which is cheaper and also easy to commute. Whereas if I take a share auto, he will stop inch after an inch which makes you to think will I reach the office or not. It takes another 10 minutes to reach Anna nagar roundana.

From Anna nagar roundana, I will walk to my office. It takes another 15 minutes. If you calculate the time, it takes around 1 hour to reach my office in between I will eat and have a good look on the surroundings. You can listen to music which reduces all the pressure and eases you, so that only you can find many of them in Chennai will hang out headset or girl friends :D.

Happily I reached my office. I log into the system enter the attendance and do 8 hours of job. Log off the system and completely have to follow the same route to turn back to my home. Since, its night time  traffic will be more. It takes 1.30 hours to reach my room. At last I will be there in my room at 8.30pm.

This is my routine life in Chennai. Life is to enjoy, so enjoy all the activities you do, else you will get bored. Repeating the work assigned to you is the mantra of all the companies, if you get diverted from it. You are fired or you are moving on the career ladder!! 🙂


Why should I hire you?? A question to be answered..

This question is posted from many HR’s while they interview you.
If you are expecting the same you are well prepared for the interview. Preparing for the question itself make you succeed in the interview.

Yes I can deliver my best

This question analyzes your confidence if you are a fresher and explores the intelligence of a experienced candidate.

Question is open ended, so there are many silly replies come out from the interviewee, when its posted.
It confuses the interviewee too, because since we HR want to recruit a candidate, he is hiring a person into the company. So some candidate say, “You have an opportunity and I am talented to take up the position”. That’s a simple answer and how well can it be said to make an impression that you are talented.

When you answer the question you have to say

1) How well you are suitable for the position.
2) What kind of talent you have to get the work done.
3) Convey your experience related to the job profile.
4) How you can out number the competing candidates.
5) How will work as an individual and in a group.
6) Awards, achievements and accomplishments in the past company and the college you are passing out from.

Put all these crisp in short around 2 -3 minutes.
These few words will certainly work out..
Preparing yourself before an interview will help you out for sure. You can get hired if you are smart with your answers.

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Dream 2 – 22nd February,2011

A dream like ancient games

Today its a nightmare for me. I had around four different dreams, out of the four different dreams I forgot three. I remember the last dream I had, even I wonder whether I had four dreams.

I remember, the first dream is like I was there in an excursion and I got down some place where I find two trees about 8 feet apart. I stood at the middle and had a snap. After this dream I remember I had two other dreams but I forgot those when I woke up by 7 am IST.

The fourth dream is completely amazing and really loved it because I remember it exactly.

I was moving into a room, it was like an aquarium, I am with my colleague at that time. My colleague somehow parted away from me. I was roaming here and there in the aquarium. I saw many people moving around me. At last I ended in some place where women were not allowed. I thought it’s a restroom for men.

But it is a different scenario there, In front of me, I saw a giant door which of ancient type, you might have seen in the movie Troy. I didn’t know what I have to do at first, when the door open I started running, at that moment only I came to know I am in a competition.  At first we had an obstacle to cross. It a full stretch of wall I need to cross it, beyond the wall I spotted out a pit which is like a ditch. I had plank to cross the ditch, I am the first one to cross. I spotted out another person at my side competing with me heavily. He crossed through the other plank which on my  left side.

First level was over, I spotted out the next the level of obstacle had a boulder and stones staked together at certain spots. I have jump from on heap to the next heap without falling into the pit. I saw on my left side it was very difficult to cross since the distance between on heap of stones and another was too far. On the right it is an upward slope which will take me directly to the other side easily. I took that path and climbed on that slope, unfortunately it joined me back to the left side. The man who was coming along with me moved forward I was at his back. He went on to the next level, then I saw him climbing a ladder. Even I had a ladder to climb, but I used my height and jump to grab the top. I reached the top, it a direct downward slope from there. It is made of wood where you cannot slide down, you need to walk carefully. Before me, my competitor went down to the next obstacle. He was just gazing at the next obstacle. When I went and saw it, even I am wondered. Because I am on the edge of a building I am supposed to get down to the floor with the help of a pole inserted on a box like structure. If the pole breaks I may fall on to a steel rod which will break my bones. With all the strength and courage I grabbed the pole. I just slipped to the floor at last. I won the event.

Time to start to my office!! 😛 . I started again for the competition it seems..

I know there are some silly stuffs and missing clues in this dream, because dream itself an imagination so you cannot expect it to be perfect. Enjoy your dreams, like I enjoyed it.

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Analyze yourself

Why we should analyze ourselves??
Does analyzing ourselves will help us in a long run??
Yes of course.

If we are going to buy a new mobile phone, we look into the features of the product. A complete analysis will be done, we analyze the mobile like we were the manufacturers. We study reviews and comments about the product, even enter into the mobile shop and inquire the vendor about the mobile. Like wise we analyze and do many such things in life. Do we analyze ourselves, yes to a certain extend we analyze ourselves in simple things. We personally decide in choosing a dress, shoes, hair clips, pen, pencil etc etc.

Do we analyze ourselves when we choose a career?

No certainly not, we rely on our parents to choose else we rely on the marks we score in the public exams. We don’t analyze ourselves, that is the great mistake we make in our life time.

Not choosing the right path for our life. When we choose a career, rest of our life we are going to spend with it, simply it is like our spouse. Choosing a right career will helps in performing the job better than others. When we like the career most we start doing things automatically, if its on the other way we not going to shine in our career as well as in life.

If you are choosing a career after your higher secondary board exam, its absolutely ridiculous. The right time to find out your interest starts when you come into 6th standard. All the beneficial activities in which you involve much is your interest. If you study a lot rather than playing choose a career in studies, please work on the interest area.

Completely analyze yourself before choosing a career.

1) Check which interests you the most.
2) Check which career sets to your character.

3) Check whether you are fully satisfied with the career that you are going to choose.
4) Check do you have the spirit of working towards your interest and the career you choose.

Before analyzing the career, please analyze yourself!!!! ..

Dream – 1, 21st February 2011.

All through the day I was thinking that my friend would message me. I was waiting for the message right from the morning, but no response. I went to have a nice sleep by 12 pm. Today I had a dream of receiving a message from my friend, I don’t remember the content. In my dreams I am reading the message since I received from him, the first two lines was like a reply to the message I sent but I got a teaser at the last lines. I woke up at that time and literally searched my mobile phone. I wish Dream 1 should not repeat again.


Opportunities is often a used by parents and teachers towards the students/children. Is it restricted to them?? I will also pen down the words about Opportunity. Its an opportunity for me to write its yet another opportunity for you to read. Utilizing this opportunity will lead to a change I guess.

Opportunities knocks the door only once” is a famous quotation, yes its true, but its one opportunity which knocked your door once,  which is also you missed. Yet, you have many other opportunities which is ready to knock. Its up to you to open the door for the right one.

Even if you open the door, its up to you whether you grab it or not. To grab it you need some potential, develop it. The opportunity that you pick up from the crowd demands for certain qualities from you, learn it.  Pick out the opportunity which interest you, find it. Its all up to you to choose what you want and what you want to be.

Opportunities once missed is missed, but you need not to worry for that, you will get another opportunity where you can shine. Look out for the right opportunities and tap it. Work on it to excel in life.

What made me to write an article on opportunity that may be the question from your side, I will explain you.

I had an opportunity to meet Mr.Madhan, a famous cartoonist and film critic. He is a B.Sc (Physics) graduate but his profession is cartooning. I met on the fine evening when TEDxSalem function was over on January 29,2011. I asked him three questions, he replied to those the questions politely.

Whether you started your career in Cartooning

Answer: Yes.

You are also an film critic, did you choose to be?

Answer: No, opportunity came to me, I utilized it.

You also write for Vikatan magazine in the name of “Hai madhan “, how come you manage all these?? Do you take rest??

Answer: I take rest when ever I want, I don’t time limits in case of sleeping. I sleep whenever I want to.

You can see, he utilizes the opportunity what ever interested him. He put hard work to the opportunity given that makes him great. 

So choose the right opportunity, work towards the opportunity and also work harder when the opportunity is turned out fruitful.

How to improve your communication in English

When ever I go to a college for giving tips for Interview and Resume. Students inquire me about how to speak in English, How can I improve my English. A doubt arises in my mind , whether my Lecture were understood by them or not?? Also this made me to put down this post. This is how I improved my communication in English. I feel this experience will certainly help some of them out here.

Any language is just a medium of communication you can easily learn it. In case of English, you can learn it simply. The guidelines given below are suitable for students who are eagerly looking to speak out in English.
Following this daily will certainly help you out.

1) Read English newspapers or magazines. Jot down the words which is difficult to understand, find out the meaning using a standard English dictionary.

2) Set your mind to learn English by doing mistakes.

3) There are word power list available on the website. Download the PDF file and start studying that one, which will help you in building vocabulary knowledge.

4) Develop the habit of speaking in English with your friend.

5) Good chance to test your English speaking skills is, while you present your assignment for the semester. Get involved with presentations and other co curricular activities like extempore, debate, and other competition where English speaking is involved. Prepare well in advance and try to make it completely in English.

6) Don’t feel shy to speak in English in front of others.

7) Watch English movies with subtitles and later try to avoid subtitles.

8) Speak in English mixed with your native language, don’t worry about that, during your conversation try to bring in English words that you learned. Later try to speak only in English.

9) Read aloud when you go through a paper or magazine. This will help you in improving your pronunciation.

10) Read ” Word power made easy” book that would help you in understanding the tough words and also it would shape you in pronunciation.

Its all about reading and your mindset. If you have the passion to learn certainly you can speak in English.

Naukri is a hindi word which means work, is a website started by Sanjeev Bikhchandani in 1997. He is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, this website in now serving as a database to all the recruiters and HR’s whomsoever is giving out a job. Even if you are looking for a job change you can use this website. Using this website is simple, but using this website effectively needs a smart brain.

If you are using this website effectively you get good responses daily at least one phone call per day from a recruiter. Kingslee Durai  gave me these tips to get interview calls when I was curiously looking for a job. I personally feel this is an “Idea worth spreading”.

Actions that you have to do for getting calls from the recruiters daily:-

Update your resume every day:- 

Particularly if you are updating it in between 12am – 5am certainly, you will get a call from a recruiter. So timing for the update of your resume is more important. To update daily, you have to upload a new resume with minor changes. Even if you upload the old resume you profile get updated automatically. Updating your resume resets your activity, when recruiter search for profile he/she will get results based on your last login or activity. Hence, it become mandatory to update your resume everyday.

Optimize your key word:- 

Your resume title and keywords specified by your has to be optimized. When recruiters search they use keywords to get into your profile. They follow a google search technique hence it is wise to use relevant keywords of your job interest.

Some of the wrong titles for your view

i) Resume
ii) Krishna’s resume
iii) MBA Fresher
Right usage would be –

i) MBA- Marketing and Human Resource fresher 2010.
ii) Iphone developer with knowledge of Objective C, COCOA, XCODE – 2 years of experience.
Likewise give out the correct keywords which would increase the probability of getting your resume when it was searched by the recruiter.

Key Skills:-

Mention your key skills like the area that you are specialized in with the knowledge and experience that you have.

Example: C,C++ language with 1 years of experience in software development.
Seeking for an entry-level executive position where I can contribute towards the organization as well as to hone business skills.

Apply to the fresh jobs:-

Similar to your profile, jobs are also update based on recency. Hence a recent job post means the recruiter is actively looking for candidates. Click the apply button only once to reduce redundancy.

Have a neat and updated resume:-

Resume should attract the recruiter to call you. Work on the resume very well and upload it.

By doing this you can get good responses and calls. Recruiters will disturb you all the day if you follow these steps. Make your job search easy and happy.


Learn and Earn

Feeling so energetic to start and write on the topic ” Learn and Earn”.

In my view human beings on this earth are of two types once they start earning

1) Running towards money blindly or
2) Some people choose another route where they make money run behind them.

Completely interesting, Right?. Its up to you, whether you want to live like the first statement or the second statement.
Learning starts right from your childhood and it last till our death. When we are born we start to cry and that is our first learning. When we are about to die, we realize and learn how much our family love us. Every minute of a day we learn and life is a journey of learning.

Isn’t it wonderful, we are born to learn and life is full of learning. There are three basic theories in learning, but that doesn’t comes to our discussion. I would like to give you my view about how learning is correlated with earning. Its always well said when we add an example to the article, so the perfect example is

He is one of the top notch cricketer of all time, he is called GOD OF THE CRICKET, the one and only SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR. An icon who never stops learning in his life, when ever he meet a new bowler he learns his style of bowling. When he meet his fans he learns how much he inspires them. When he is into the nets he learns how to tackle the ball. Its all learning and learning. If Sachin has stopped learning when he scored a century its not possible to create wonders which made Shane Warne to call him as “THE LITTLE MASTER”.

Involve yourself in learning and learn, first identify what you are and try to spot out your weakness and
strengths. Work on the strengths and work even more harder on the weakness. Also learn from you friends, because they are always with you all through the life. Take the positives from your friends and pull out the negatives from them do intimate them since they are also in the process of learning. Learn from you surrounding, learn from strangers,animals, microbes etc etc.

When you are learning you ultimately start to earn, here money will follow you.I am sure,if you want earn without learning , literally you are running behind the money as stated above.

Start your earning where money chases you as said in the second statement. Lead a happy life.

If it is full of learning you cannot earn a lot of money , you have to show it to the world what you have and also you have to spread the ideas that you learned in your life. Be a role model like Sachin to everyone. Enjoy life.
At last I would like to finish off with a simple equation,


Its a simple equation for the life, if you learn you automatically earn. The word LEARN has the word EARN in it. Start learning…. 🙂

How to answer the question “Tell me about yourself?”

Tell me about yourself ?  will definitely be the first question for the fresh graduates. This question allows HR’s analyze the candidate in different perspectives. Even the graduates passing out of college knows it, but they don’t give out the answer as HR expects. Tell me about yourself is an open ended question, so HR expects you to answer briefly about you in two or three minutes.

What are assessed the things while you answer is the question. Its

1) Your attitude
2) Your skills
3) Your communication
4) Your confidence
5) How well you are organized
6) Are you clear about your career
7) Your likes and dislikes
8) Your Character and behavior
9) To check whether you are prepared or not for the interview process.
10) Your family background (Not so importantly looked into)

And there are many other such things where a HR analyze, it also depends and varies according to the HR who interviews you.

How to answer this simple question to get the attention and also to increase the probability to getting selected.

Before you attend the interview, you must do some prep, this would help you a lot in making your answer crisp and clear. This would also help you in evaluating your own.

1) Take a paper and write down about yourself point by point.
2) Arrange it in a way which will make a meaning.
3) Do recite this to your friends or to your parents.
4) Do correct your mistakes.

What are things that you have to cover while you answer this question.

1) Your graduation details.Don’t tell the marks and year of passing which is not required. If you have any special achievements please mention it. Example: University gold medalist.

2) Your skill sets which is suitable for the job. Example: For HR job you need more patience, so you can tell like I am patience and friendly in nature.

3) Your extra curricular activities. Deliver extracurricular activities and try relate it to your job. In case if you are a sports person, tell them ” I am a dedicated sports men, I would like to deliver the same in the work”.

4) Your interest’s and likes.

5) What is your expectation from the job.

6) Few lines about your family (Not much important).

7) Always its safe to answer with an example for the answers you deliver.
Example: If you say I am a bookworm, tell him some book names that you read. If you are saying I love to surfing on the net, tell him or her the website which interested you.

Don’t beat around the bush while you answer the question. Also don’t tell any bad opinion about yourself, friends and family. Answering this question gives you enough confidence to answer rest of the interview questions and also builds a good rapport with the interviewer.

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This is the end, and TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF?????