Are you getting ready for the interview?, if your answer is YES, you need to check certain things before you attend the interview. These points will certainly help you in making the interview a successful one. Before attending the interview check whether you have done these things.

1) Browse through the company website and update yourself with some valid points.
For example: If you are going to attend an Interview for Marketing Executive – You must what are the products that they are selling and also the geographical area they are covering. Also the target segments and strategy followed by the company in marketing.
Also go through the companies vision, mission and objectives.

2) Completely go through the job profile.
By knowing this you can easily answer the questions posted to you related to the Job.

3) Try to speak with some employees of that company. This will help you in gaining knowledge about the company policy, rules and regulation and other policies.

4) Study the technical or practical things that is required for the job.
For example: If you are applying for a Software trainee job, please study the basic software languages such as C, C++ , Java and etc. If you are applying for the HR Executive position you must study the complete HR theories which is suitable for the job.

5) Find out the recent articles and new release given by the company and read it. When the HR or the technical person or the top management person gives a chance to question them ask about their future plan in relation to the article or new release. This creates a positive impact in the interviewer mind and helps in selecting you.

6) Study about the companies which compete with the company that you applied for.

7) Reciting about yourself in front a mirror. Doing this would help you in identifying the mistakes when you answer the question ” Tell me about yourself?”.

8) Framing some possible questions by yourself and preparing answers for those questions. Also find out the normal HR questions asked in the interview in the website and find the answers. While answering try relating the answers to job or to the company. Usually they ask 1) Tell me about yourself 2) Your strength and weakness 3) Your hobbies 4) What you know about our company? For more HR questions visit

9) Neatly pressed formal dress.You dressing is the first thing and interviewer sees in you. Dress formally with good color combination. For men, wear dark color trousers with light color plain shirt.

For women, Indian women can wear neatly pressed Salwars and in case they are trying some western outfits wear light color dresses.

10) Polished shoes.
11) Take two copies of your updated resume. Print the resume instead of taking a photocopy.
12) For men: Clean shave and neatly combed hair. If you wish to keep beard, trim it to a certain level.
      For women: I would advise to wear a hair band, this would keep you away from taking care of the hair in the interview while interviewer question you. If you are having you hair untied, girls usually do check their hair which is near to their ears which creates a bad impression.
13) Take a pen with you.
14) Switch off your mobile phone.
15) Have a handkerchief with you to keep your face fresh and energetic.
All the best for your interview!!!