You might wonder when you see a post with a heading “INTEREST”, what is there in the 8 letter word? Come on lets explore it.

The word “Interest” has many meanings out of which I would like to give out the two best meaning which will suit my  idea.
                      Interest – “A state of Curiosity”
                      Interest – ” An excess or bonus beyond what is expected”

I have taken two verticals which are not related to each other. I would like to bridge both of them, this might put you again in a state of confusion. Why he like to relate them? 

The two different meaning gave me a conceptualized thinking to relate it. We know many personalities like Mark Zuckerberg, AR Rahman, Bill Gates, Lance Armstrong, Roger Federer and many others. Its time to study their success formula.
To begin it,I would like brief about two personalities, who impressed me a lot.
Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Face book is an eminent personality who is now selected as a Times Man of the year 2010. His astounding works made a remarkable presence in the open source arena. Nowadays we can see people who don’t see a person face to face but they used to see them in Facebook. Connecting the people all around the world in a single forum gave him a grand success, now Facebook has more than 500 million users worldwide. Many companies use facebook for advertising which eventually lead to boost up their brand value. 
When we look into the profile of Mark Zuckerberg, many of us don’t know that he is a drop out from Harvard University. He started Facebook by working from his dorm room. From his childhood days he used to do wonders in Computer applications, his dad taught him Atari BASIC which interested him to work on software applications. When he entered into Harvard University he started a website to connect Harvard University people which was a grand success, many people started using it and in a short span of time there was a metamorphosis which emerged into the world as FACEBOOK. What made him to do all these things? Why is he in now on the top? Before going into these questions we will have a look at the next personality.

Roger Federer, I would like to name him as “Man of Confidence”, I started to love him because of his dedication and elegance while playing each and every match. He started his career when he was six years old and now he is ranked No 2 in the world (according to ATP rankings). He ranked No 1 for consecutive 237 weeks, which is never happened in the Tennis history. He made another vivid achievement by winning 16 grand slams by beating Pete Sampras record. Even when you see his early days he was playing football too, but he continued playing Tennis which turned his life up and down. He made many remarkable feats, which carved his name on all grand slam trophies.
Now we will get back to the questions.
What made these two personalities to do all these things?
Why they are on top now?
Is there any correlation between the meanings given above for Interest?
To know the answers for all the questions given above read further,
 Personalities make” interest as their careers and not careers as their interest”.  If you work on your interest and if you are making it as a career you will not feel it’s as work. You will always enjoy it and also you will try to learn a lot of things in your interest area. This is the key of many personalities who are famous now. If you are interested in doing something please do it. Don’t worry about the external forces which emerge as a roadblock in your path. If your interest is your career then you will be on the top. Being an inquisitive will be recognized by your friends and not by the world. Develop one particular talent and work on it, certainly you will be recognized .
If you invest on your INTEREST (Curiosity) it will reap you INTEREST (An excess or bonus beyond what is expected). That’s how Mark Zuckerberg and Roger Federer are earning a lot of money now.
To conclude this topic, I would like to say in spite of  being a mere follower be a leader, lay down your own path and emerge as a leader, let others follow you.

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