Will I get selected in this company?

If your mind is lingering with a doubt like this, then you are not ready for the interview.

What is expected from you by a HR when you have a discussion with him/her is the question. I would like to give a clear picture about the HR round of interviews.

HR rounds are different, it varies from company to company, the motive of the each and every company is same.

Most common HR expectations are given below,

This plays a major role in your selection, you need to impress the HR person here. You need to put more emphasis on learning part instead of remuneration part. Likewise you should show your involvement and interest towards the job. Your attitude will also reflected in many ways like
1) Your dressing.
2) Knowledge about the company
3) Body movements. [How you sit on the chair, arm and eye movements while answering, shrugging of shoulders and posture while you sit]
4) Orderliness while answering the questions.
5) Pitch of your voice.[Tone reflects your confidence, over confidence, interest and impression about the company created in your mind ]
6) Truth in your answers [This will assessed by questioning the same aspect in a different way ]
7) Tell me about yourself? Answer to this question mostly explores about your mindset and attitude. You have to put your answer clear and crisp. Don’t drag unwanted things, restrict the answer to two minutes and also convey your skill sets that suits the job.

Next to attitude communication of the candidate is measured.Good communication is a must. This doesn’t mean that you need to speak English fluently. When you get the job you need to communicate with your peers and also with higher officials, so they must understand it. Hence communication is checked. Also some technical jobs don’t demand for communication, but when you go up in the career ladder certainly you need to be a good communicator. Work on your communication which helps you a lot.

I have seen many fresher shivering while they answer. to the question. This makes the HR will think like ” Whether he is good or not, will he initiate a work given” . In the end it puts you in the bad limelight. You need to be more confident and bold. Stand to the point that you utter from your mouth. Don’t be in a dilemma. If you don’t know the answer say “I don’t know” or simply “No”. Give a firm handshake when he/she offers handshake to you that really shows your confidence and comfort in the interview process, but don’t crush his/her bones.

Remuneration part
What is your expected salary will be a confusing question to you. Here you have be clear that, as a fresher  “You join a company for learning” not for salary,but remuneration is equally important in certain occasions. Wise choice would be according to the standards of the company or else if he is pestering you ,give a range For example: I expect salary inbetween Rs.10000 and Rs.15000 per month. If the HR haven’t discussed about the salary don’t ask him. You will be intimated when you were offered a job over there.

In the end, give a bright smile and leave the room.

Mainly these four factors are important in case of a fresher interview.
Even though attitude is inborn,you cannot change it, but you can improve it.

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