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Resume preparation tips for Freshers

Resume is a medium for Recruiter / HR personnel to identity a right person or candidate who will fit for the job. It plays a major role in the initial screening process.
 Resume are now seen through two medium, one is displayed in paper where candidate come in and submit it to us and another one is the virtual one where we see it in our computer monitor. In both the cases resume are same. In certain extend the resume submitted directly has a significant difference than the virtual ones like
          The resume submitted directly on paper should be neat and clear. I have seen candidates who take a photocopy of their resume and submit it where the letters are not clear. Also they tamper it,crinkle it and etc. 

When we these kind of resumes our intuition will say “candidate is careless”. While you submit a resume directly please ensure that your resume is
          Not spoiled and oiled,
          Not tampered
          Edges are neat without  crinkles and
          Not dirty.

In both the mediums there are certain things which will help you in catching the eyes of the recruiter/HR personnel.
To prepare an eye catchy resume you need to ensure many certain things.  I would like to give you a crispy brief idea to attract a recruiter through your resume.
How to start a resume preparation?
To start with analyze what you are and what you want to be? When you have answers to these questions you can start writing your resume. Resume writing is not story writing. In case of fresher resume restrict your resume to 3 pages.
A good resume should depict your interest. Okay let’s get deep into the subject.
Start your resume with the heading at the center or on the left hand side corner, like “Resume” or “Simply your name, for ex: Balachandar Kaliappan”. Beneath this at the left hand side corner type your address with email id and mobile phone number. On the right hand side corner leave a gap in that space you can paste your photo (Optional). To give a virtual look, see the example given below.
Christopher Read,
15th Street, Dock road,
New York,
North America.
Mobile Number: +1415680099
Next are your objective/aim / goals. You have to be very clear in this area mostly your interest is identified here by the HR personnel. So make your aim clear and also add how you will you will benefit the organization.
Your aim has to be changed to the job that you apply for. Example
To obtain a career in Human Resource Management where I can utilize my human resource knowledge and skills…..
Looking for an opportunity to utilize my Marketing ideas …
After this you can summarize your academic details, put your recent education obtained first, example
MBA ( Marketing and HR)
XYZ institution,
DEF University, Chennai
B.Sc (Horticulture)
ABC Institution, Chennai.
PQRS University, Coimbatore
12th State Board
IJKL School, Salem
State board
This can be presented in the tabular form or else you can give it without tables, example
2008 – 2010: MBA, Anna University, Chennai.
 Institution: ABC Engineering College, Vandalur, Chennai.
Aggregate: 76.80%
2004 – 2008: Bachelor of Science (Horticulture), TNAU, Coimbatore.
Institution: DEF College, Periyakulam.
Aggregate: 89.10%
2002 – 2004: Class 12(State Board)
Institution: XYZ School, Salem.
Aggregate: 79%
You have summarized your marks then give out your UG project details of PG project details. Give the details about your project like,

Client name/Company Name  : XXX
Duration of the project             : — days
Title of the project                    : “To analyze air pollution in Tamil Nadu State”
Results/Summary                    : Explain it briefly, the need of the project, how you contributed, the results obtained etc. Changes that made in the organization after your project work, etc. Make it to three to four lines not more than that.
If you are a technical guy add the technical tool that you have used for the project. Also add the skill sets that you have which will help in identifying you among the crowd. While adding the skills sets add only the skills that you are really proficient in. If you are a beginner in some tools please mention it.
After this you can add supporting point to your resume like,

Your achievements.
Your co curricular and extracurricular activities.
Add some valid points which will support you in getting the job. At last give your personal details which should include your father’s and mother’s name, date of birth/age , gender (optional), languages know, hobbies (optional).
Check list before you submit/upload your resume:
1)       Ensure whether the details give by you are right.
2)      Check whether you have updated your resume (Up to date).
3)      Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
4)      Check whether you have aligned the words and sentences rightly to make a good appeal.
5)      Check whether your aim really suits the job. In case you are posting your resume for multiple careers, ensure that you have modified your aim to the particular job profile else give out a aim which will suit all the job.
6)      Check whether you have added references to your resume. Else if you going to give reference on request please mention it. While giving references add the person’s name, designation, email id and mobile number.
7)      Add hobbies of your interest, when the interviewer question you, you should be in a position to answer it.
Hope this information is helpful to you in preparing a good resume.

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You might wonder when you see a post with a heading “INTEREST”, what is there in the 8 letter word? Come on lets explore it.

The word “Interest” has many meanings out of which I would like to give out the two best meaning which will suit my  idea.
                      Interest – “A state of Curiosity”
                      Interest – ” An excess or bonus beyond what is expected”

I have taken two verticals which are not related to each other. I would like to bridge both of them, this might put you again in a state of confusion. Why he like to relate them? 

The two different meaning gave me a conceptualized thinking to relate it. We know many personalities like Mark Zuckerberg, AR Rahman, Bill Gates, Lance Armstrong, Roger Federer and many others. Its time to study their success formula.
To begin it,I would like brief about two personalities, who impressed me a lot.
Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Face book is an eminent personality who is now selected as a Times Man of the year 2010. His astounding works made a remarkable presence in the open source arena. Nowadays we can see people who don’t see a person face to face but they used to see them in Facebook. Connecting the people all around the world in a single forum gave him a grand success, now Facebook has more than 500 million users worldwide. Many companies use facebook for advertising which eventually lead to boost up their brand value. 
When we look into the profile of Mark Zuckerberg, many of us don’t know that he is a drop out from Harvard University. He started Facebook by working from his dorm room. From his childhood days he used to do wonders in Computer applications, his dad taught him Atari BASIC which interested him to work on software applications. When he entered into Harvard University he started a website to connect Harvard University people which was a grand success, many people started using it and in a short span of time there was a metamorphosis which emerged into the world as FACEBOOK. What made him to do all these things? Why is he in now on the top? Before going into these questions we will have a look at the next personality.

Roger Federer, I would like to name him as “Man of Confidence”, I started to love him because of his dedication and elegance while playing each and every match. He started his career when he was six years old and now he is ranked No 2 in the world (according to ATP rankings). He ranked No 1 for consecutive 237 weeks, which is never happened in the Tennis history. He made another vivid achievement by winning 16 grand slams by beating Pete Sampras record. Even when you see his early days he was playing football too, but he continued playing Tennis which turned his life up and down. He made many remarkable feats, which carved his name on all grand slam trophies.
Now we will get back to the questions.
What made these two personalities to do all these things?
Why they are on top now?
Is there any correlation between the meanings given above for Interest?
To know the answers for all the questions given above read further,
 Personalities make” interest as their careers and not careers as their interest”.  If you work on your interest and if you are making it as a career you will not feel it’s as work. You will always enjoy it and also you will try to learn a lot of things in your interest area. This is the key of many personalities who are famous now. If you are interested in doing something please do it. Don’t worry about the external forces which emerge as a roadblock in your path. If your interest is your career then you will be on the top. Being an inquisitive will be recognized by your friends and not by the world. Develop one particular talent and work on it, certainly you will be recognized .
If you invest on your INTEREST (Curiosity) it will reap you INTEREST (An excess or bonus beyond what is expected). That’s how Mark Zuckerberg and Roger Federer are earning a lot of money now.
To conclude this topic, I would like to say in spite of  being a mere follower be a leader, lay down your own path and emerge as a leader, let others follow you.

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Interview tips for Freshers.

Will I get selected in this company?

If your mind is lingering with a doubt like this, then you are not ready for the interview.

What is expected from you by a HR when you have a discussion with him/her is the question. I would like to give a clear picture about the HR round of interviews.

HR rounds are different, it varies from company to company, the motive of the each and every company is same.

Most common HR expectations are given below,

This plays a major role in your selection, you need to impress the HR person here. You need to put more emphasis on learning part instead of remuneration part. Likewise you should show your involvement and interest towards the job. Your attitude will also reflected in many ways like
1) Your dressing.
2) Knowledge about the company
3) Body movements. [How you sit on the chair, arm and eye movements while answering, shrugging of shoulders and posture while you sit]
4) Orderliness while answering the questions.
5) Pitch of your voice.[Tone reflects your confidence, over confidence, interest and impression about the company created in your mind ]
6) Truth in your answers [This will assessed by questioning the same aspect in a different way ]
7) Tell me about yourself? Answer to this question mostly explores about your mindset and attitude. You have to put your answer clear and crisp. Don’t drag unwanted things, restrict the answer to two minutes and also convey your skill sets that suits the job.

Next to attitude communication of the candidate is measured.Good communication is a must. This doesn’t mean that you need to speak English fluently. When you get the job you need to communicate with your peers and also with higher officials, so they must understand it. Hence communication is checked. Also some technical jobs don’t demand for communication, but when you go up in the career ladder certainly you need to be a good communicator. Work on your communication which helps you a lot.

I have seen many fresher shivering while they answer. to the question. This makes the HR will think like ” Whether he is good or not, will he initiate a work given” . In the end it puts you in the bad limelight. You need to be more confident and bold. Stand to the point that you utter from your mouth. Don’t be in a dilemma. If you don’t know the answer say “I don’t know” or simply “No”. Give a firm handshake when he/she offers handshake to you that really shows your confidence and comfort in the interview process, but don’t crush his/her bones.

Remuneration part
What is your expected salary will be a confusing question to you. Here you have be clear that, as a fresher  “You join a company for learning” not for salary,but remuneration is equally important in certain occasions. Wise choice would be according to the standards of the company or else if he is pestering you ,give a range For example: I expect salary inbetween Rs.10000 and Rs.15000 per month. If the HR haven’t discussed about the salary don’t ask him. You will be intimated when you were offered a job over there.

In the end, give a bright smile and leave the room.

Mainly these four factors are important in case of a fresher interview.
Even though attitude is inborn,you cannot change it, but you can improve it.

You can share your opinion and suggestions, also add your valuable comments.

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